Bachelor of Business (Agriculture)

Designed in consultation with industry leaders and educational professionals within agriculture, the Agriculture program offers the most relevant, up-to-date information to keep students at the forefront of the agricultural production industry.

Based on best management practice, the Agriculture program is designed to produce a graduate who can operate in the full range of agricultural and horticultural production systems. By aligning both theory and application through our focus on real-world case studies our graduates walk away professionally prepared for their role in either a domestic or global agricultural production system or related industry.

To compete in a changing production environment the new generation of agricultural business managers will need to set clear and specific goals for their business. To achieve these goals, they will need advanced financial management and marketing skills. They will also be able to access and use information productively to support management decisions. Good managers will adopt current technology and be able to manage both people and risk in a changing production environment. Above all, successful managers will be required to have a thorough understanding of their business and the factors that impact on the performance and viability of that business at both a national and international level.

A continual rise in world demand for food protein and energy means that future opportunities for graduates who are leading performers in primary production systems will be highly sought after by all sectors of the industry. A Marcus Oldham graduate with an understanding or both business and agricultural production has always been in demand for placements within all sectors of the agricultural industry.

This is created through pre-entry experience requirements, close consultation with industry, farm visits, an 11-month industry placement covering a full production cycle, case studies and innovative national and international study tours to ensure that students at Marcus Oldham are professionally prepared for the workforce.

The Bachelor of Business (Agriculture) course is available to both Australian and international applicants.

Anna Cotton – Bachelor of Business (Agriculture) Graduate


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