Bachelor of Business (Agribusiness) Entry Requirements 

Applicants for the Bachelor of Business (Agribusiness) must have completed at least one complete year (preferably two years) of industry placement after their secondary school education.Marcus Oldham maintains a flexible policy in relation to entrance criteria and judges each applicant on their individual merits.

Ideally, applicants will:

  • Be at least 18 years of age by day 1 of the academic year (generally the beginning of February)
  • Have successfully completed secondary education (mature age applicants accepted on merit)
  • Have completed at least 12 months in an industry placement following secondary school
  • Have a strong desire to pursue a career in the agricultural industries

All applicants are required to have a VCE or equivalent qualification. Applicants that have not completed VCE or equivalent will have to demonstrate significant post-secondary school experience.

The requirement for pre-entry experience is subjective based on the applicant’s circumstances. In some cases, it will be acceptable for an applicant to have completed their pre-entry experience on their home property. The preferred situation is that all applicants have had significant exposure to two or more farming systems, one of which may be the home property.

For direct entry into the second year of the program, applicants will need to contact the Director of Agribusiness to discuss eligibility for advanced standing. If advanced standing is to be granted for all or any part of a year of study, there may still be a requirement to satisfactorily complete either one or more selected units or specifically designed bridging units.

The course entry criteria for international students requires some additional processes.  See further details about entry requirements for international students.

All applications for undergraduate study are assessed using the same ranking scale based on a combination of academic results, work experience, and an interview. The Marcus Oldham ranking score for all undergraduate courses is based on the following:

Secondary Education results or Higher Education study qualification 0 to 25
Post School years of experience 0 to 25
Personal interview assessment of Maturity, Motivation/Interest, Industry Knowledge, General Impression of willingness to succeed at study. 0 to 50
TOTAL ranking score is out of – 100

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